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About The Artist

Headshot T. Bell

Born in Chicago and raised in Maryland, Tatiana has been surrounded by art and creativity all of her life.   She always showed an interest and her parents were very supportive sending her to take art classes very early on.  The classes proved to be an outlet for Tatiana and played a monumental role in developing her artistic skill sets. 

Tatiana went on to study Fashion Design at Syracuse University and flourished.  She then went on to get a MAED and enjoyed a 9 year career in Education teaching art, creative writing, design, English, and Spanish. 

Tatiana also expanded her talents to design and create costumes for plays in the Central Florida area 


Tatiana gathers much of her inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and cultures around the world.  Her current body of work highlights the duality of woman in the need to be soft and gentle yet a warrior.  The juxtaposing elements can be found in the colors, emotions and objects used in each painting. 

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